What is AIR productivity

The AIR triangle for productivity - with sanity!
The AIR triangle for productivity – with sanity!

AIR is an acronym. It’s a philosophy. And it’s a way of getting more done without selling your soul.

AIR is about productivity, with sanity 😉

As an acronym, AIR stands for Act, Inform, and Restore – a three part system for being hugely productive but without that productivity eating away at your life. After all, your life is why you’re productive and if you can’t be productive without ruining that, what’s the point of being productive?!

Any fool can get more done by getting up an hour before they went to bed last night, but what’s the point of that?

You can read more about the individual parts of AIR here:

  • Act – getting things done
  • Inform – learning how to get things done better/faster
  • Restore – getting your head back in the game to get more done

Act is the first part of a three-part system. Check out Inform and Restore.

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