Two simple tools for getting more done – thinking like twitter

The AIRcast is back!  What?  You didn’t know we’d been away?  Shame on you!

The quick and helpful productivity podcast is back and it went away for a number of reasons, some of which were my fault. I had a family bereavement a few months ago and things kept going on auto-pilot for a while but ultimately I didn’t have the mental energy to grieve, do the stuff I needed to do to sort out funerals and so on, and to record a podcast.

But that’s in the past.

In this short and sweet productivity episode I talk about using twitter-style thinking to be more productive. I don’t go into the details because once you’ve got the idea you can figure out a zillion ways to make it work for yourselves. (Yes, you’re smart!)

The book I mention is called “Barking up the Wrong Tree” and it’s by Eric Marker.  My kindle version has more notes taken than most!

I’m back in the saddle and this short episode is just to get me doing something, to be honest, so it’s shorter than most!


The latest AIRcast episode is out. Check out the productivity-with-sanity podcast right here, right now!

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