Get your team trained to be more productive… sanity is your problem

We’d all like our teams to be able to do more wouldn’t we? The thing is it’s hard to justify the time of ‘doing’ things to learn how to do things better. There’s the rub!

So here’s our solution… We’ll train your team in options of a

  • half day
  • a full day
  • a fully day plus follow-up.

That way you get to pick the option that you think will give you the best return on your money and your team’s time. I’ll stick my neck out and make you a promise: if we train your team and your team doesn’t think it’s been worthwhile – because of anything we did – we’ll wave our fees for that session. Of course there’s small print and it’s basically this:

we need to have had a chat beforehand to make sure that your team wants the training and has the where-with-all to apply what they’ve learned

Not very small print after all 🙂

Current clients have come from pretty much everywhere, but for some reason (I can’t imagine why!) most of our very recent clients have tended to be pressured teams in the public sector; groups of self-employed people and start-up companies; charity staff.

Drop us a line if your team needs some fresh AIR.

A few more details

Workshops are for smaller groups who need to really get to grips with ways they can get on top of their lists. Maximum numbers are flexible but somewhere around a dozen or so is ideal.  If it’s much more than that, we recommend you consider booking a presentation – but either way you should talk to us.

We’ll explore the frames of AIR with your team, so that everyone understands the big ideas. That means they can carry on developing their AIR after we’ve left. We’ll also work with them to look at the tactics of how to apply AIR. We’ll use all our expertise in facilitation and creativity to make sure that your team come up with great ideas – and because they’re they’re ideas, they’re more likely to be acted on. Workshops are fun but – and we have to be honest – hard work.

Okay, so this might be overdoing the ‘not your cupboard’ and ‘somewhere new’ bit…
… but it’s worth a try!

In an ideal world we recommend a change of venue but where-ever you settle on, we’ll need a screen/projector/speakers, flipcharts, tables and chairs and plenty of space. And by plenty we mean we won’t even try and fit into your store cupboard.

The team’s less stressed and more productive. And we get paid… so everyone wins!

So what’s next?

Drop us a line to find out how much it costs, what we need and if we’re a good fit. The email address you need is air [at] awareplus [dot] co [dot] uk. We might take a little longer but generally we reply within 24 hours. The bad news is that if you want the training in the next couple of weeks me might have a problem – you need to think a bit more long term, I’m afraid, as we’re booked and busy. But that’s good, right? I mean, who’d want a trainer that no one else wants!?