Simon explores a scientific, robust way of being productive and staying that way

Hiring me for your conference or away-day is the perfect combination. It’s fun and entertaining for your attendees, and it leaves them more productive than they were. What’s not to love? I’ll go further than that and stick my neck out… if you don’t think my contribution has been worthwhile because of something I did, I’ll skip my fees. There’s a thin line between confident and cocky but I hope I’m just on the right side of it!

Basically that means you’ve got nothing to lose by bringing me in, eh?

That’s the good news. The bad news is that:

  • you need to book some time in advance. Well, that’s good isn’t it? You’d not want a professional speaker who wasn’t busy!
  • you need to pay. I’m not expensive by the standards of professional speakers but I do have a living to make.

So what should you do to find out if we’re a fit?

Drop me a line. The thing is, I’m not going to work with anyone with a wallet and I need to be sure I’m going to make a difference and do it for a ‘good’ organisation. That means that if you’re into human trafficking you can’t pay me. Drop me a line to air [at] awareplus [dot] co [dot] uk. It might take me a day or two to get back to you, if I’m travelling but generally someone will at least touch base with you within 24 hours.

What do I need?

I’ll bring my own laptop (a mac, but I’ll bring the adaptors, don’t worry! 😉 ). You’ll need to find a good projector/screen and speakers. I can work with cheap/nasty but the impact of the presentation suffers and you might find it a false economy… If there’s a big, or echo-y space to work in, I’ll need a microphone but I’m a trained actor so my voice will project to bigger spaces than most people’s (without shouting, don’t worry!). If we’re using a microphone I’ll need it to be a lavaliar radio mic or similar – I need my hands free!