Solving Other People’s Problems – episode 24

It’s not rocket science! You can’t solve your own problems. If you could, you’d do so, and there wouldn’t be a problem any more. So rather than sit banging your head on the computer desk, take a moment to see if solving other people’s problems… and then asking them to solve yours… would be a faster way forward.

It’s called MasterMinding and it’s such a blindingly simple productivity tool it’s a bit embarrassing!

In this episode we don’t talk the how-to of MasterMinding, and barely touch on the mechanics of it at all… just the why of it – as a productivity tool for figuring out what to do next.

In future episodes I’ll talk to expert MasterMinders about the approaches that they use in detail!

The latest AIRcast episode is out. Check out the productivity-with-sanity podcast right here, right now!

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