Restore – I beg your pardon!

Restoring your productivity - there are other ways! :)
Restoring your productivity – there are other ways! 🙂

We’ve all got limits – some physical and some mental/emotional/spiritual. Restore is what you do to recharge (the non-physical ones in particular).

Restore is what you do when you reach those limits. So, so, sooooo simple in theory, right? But here’s where it all goes wrong. How many of us have just carried on working past the point where we aren’t making much progress?

Hands up if you’ve worked through your lunch hour.  Yeah, I thought so. Me too. But the problem is that if we take a reasonable break (not taking the piss here, we’re not talking about three hours in the pub!) we feel guilty. Deep in your heart of hearts you know you’re better off taking that lunch break so that you can work better and faster in the afternoon.

You can more than make up for the time you weren’t working over lunch by being sharper in the afternoon.

It’s not rocket science is it. It’s simple, in fact.

But simple doesn’t always mean easy. Just ask anyone who’s tried to shed some weight. All you have to do is:

  • eat less
  • move more

and that’s just such a piece of cake, right? Wrong 😉  Just because Restore is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. We live in a culture of workworkwork… be productive and be seen to be productive – and yet we all know that Restore is essential to being productive. But our culture makes us feel guilty about our Restore time.

Bit of a shame, really.

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