Masterminding differently with Natalie Shaul – episode 26

Natalie is a life coach – not just any old life coach… a life coach who’s lived what she’s teaching. We dig straight in to the useful stuff here but Natalie’s personal story involves big business, finance and significant health challenges. Right now she’s helping women get to where she is!

And because she’s self employed, her time is her own, great! But it’s also in demand and precious. She uses masterminding in a different way to the sessions we’ve look at before to keep her productivity and sanity sorted out – having taken the step of joining a paid group.

So I poke… about whether the group is not only worth her time of up to four meetings a week, but also the money!

The latest AIRcast episode is out. Check out the productivity-with-sanity podcast right here, right now!

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