Well here's the book!


We're working on it. 🙂 It's ready, but we're hoping to make it just a tiiiiinnnnnny bit better for you. We'll do it very soon but at the moment there are some issues with the layout of images that aren't quite getting sorted out. If you want us to let you know when it's ready, just let us know by signing up for updates, just here.

Electronic copies

Well yes - you can! We've got a PDF version all ready for you, at only $13.50 just by clicking here. You'll be taken through the process and it'll arrive by magic (well, by email at least) as soon as the Slave Pixies have got their act together.

We've also go other versions such as for your kindle - but we wanted to warn you first that there are lots of images and graphs in the book. Kindle doesn't do well with this kind of thing, so we think you'd be better of using the PDF. If you're sure you want the .mobi version (or whatever!) just buy the PDF version to pay for it - and email me at air [at] awareplus [dot] co [dot] uk and I'll personally email you the version for your kindle. Just plug your Kindle into your computer, drag the file over and you're good to go!