My mobile office - the key to productivity on the move!

Productivity on the moooooove

I travel a lot… a lot! Lots of it is by train, some by car when the train won’t cut it, and there’s more shifting around within my home region of the northeast of England than you’d expect, as I go to meetings, have coffee with clients and research in libraries etc. So that means […]

cafe productivity – in praise of a simple (chronological) list

Some productivity stuff – and sanity stuff – is best done with a video… … and even if it’s not BEST done like that, it’s fun! A really simple productivity tip in as long as it takes me to get served in a cafe!   Who’d have thought that the simple list would be so […]

Cafe productivity – text expanders and dirty tricks!

Some productivity stuff – and sanity stuff – as best done with a video… and even if it’s not BEST done like that, it’s fun! Productivity tips in as long as it takes me to get served. This one is about text expanders… and using them for dirty tricks, not just what their developers imagined! […]

Productivity tool 101 - the basic checklist! ;)

In praise of the humble checklist

I love checklists. No, wait… I actually hate them. They’re irritating and smug and stare at me, daring me to miss something out. What I love is the security they give me. That and the rather smug feeling I get from ticking off everything on the list. I’m less keen on the sick feeling that […]

Productivity Life Lesson! Not everyone cares

All animals are equal Remember George Orwell’s Animal Farm? There’s a line often cited in it: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Let’s risk being a bit rude about the people you work with and change that a little. All colleagues are equal, but some colleagues are more equal […]

Grinding productivity out

Some days you just have to grind it out. There, I’ve said it. No matter how enthused you are about your ‘big idea’; no matter how much you love your job; no matter how grand the world changes are that you’re working on; some days you’ll not be on top of your game for any […]

Working on a Train

Let’s face it, we’ve all travelled by train, sometimes with a clear conscience, sometimes feeling guilty. So what is it that makes the difference and what is it makes best use of your time? I’m not making a huge claim that this is the only way of maximising your train-time, but it’s certainly a good […]

More productivity by being someone else ;)

Sometimes other people are more productive than we are. Why don’t we pretend to be them? 😉  Yeah, I know, I know… it’s not a long term solution and I’m not suggesting you go around fibbing about your name and faking an ID but there’s a dirty trick you can use to increase your productivity… […]

The basic building blocks are the most important things for productivity

Productivity and people – two fundamental truths

A couple of blindingly obvious and fundamental truths coming up. Ready? They apply to lots and lots of work-related stuff, but let’s concentrate on getting stuff done. They’re so basic I often hesitate to cite them in training courses but when I do, people look at me like I’m some kind of genius. Ah, if […]