Productive meetings – part 1

AIR is a personal productivity system at its heart. A lot of the techniques and the philosophy can be applied to groups and teams though. But no matter how well you and/or your team are rocking along and being both productive and sane, the crunch comes when you have to collaborate with other people, particularly […]

Healthier than yesterday?

There’s a lot to be said for setting targets. There’s obviously quite a lot to be said for monitoring what you’re doing. For example it’s pretty well known, and recognised, that if you want to lose weight one of the things you should do is tell people you’re going to lose weight. That means that […]

Productivity idea: in praise of limiting labels

There’s a lot wrong with labelling people, I think. Labelling someone as clumsy or stupid is limiting. It sets expectations. And it leads to lazy thinking and ‘-isms’. Labelling someone ‘a typical blonde’ or ‘black’ is just asking to be shocked when they don’t behave as you’re treating them. And quite right, too.  We’ve all […]

Productivity isn’t about the work

I’ve spent a lot of time working and travelling recently. Inevitably there was time here and time there when I could have been working. For example, there were those times (hours!) after I’d passed through the security checks at airports and I was waiting for my flight’s Gate to be announced. That’s over an hour, […]

I'm not sure, but it looks like a productive place! ;)

Space for speed – a productivity hack

I used to be a research academic in universities. I did it for 24 years, in fact. For part of that time I was also the Centre Manager for what was then the UK’s largest social science research unit. Impressive, eh? 😉 One of the things that used to drive the university administrators mad was […]

Calling beta testers! ;)

Hi there… as you’ll know if you’re signed up to the AIR mailing list (I’ll put the form at the bottom of this invitation so you don’t miss out in the future) the AIR productivity course opens for a Founders’ Cohort on the 28th of June, 2018.  It’s a blast and I’m very proud of […]

My mobile office - the key to productivity on the move!

Productivity on the moooooove

I travel a lot… a lot! Lots of it is by train, some by car when the train won’t cut it, and there’s more shifting around within my home region of the northeast of England than you’d expect, as I go to meetings, have coffee with clients and research in libraries etc. So that means […]

cafe productivity – in praise of a simple (chronological) list

Some productivity stuff – and sanity stuff – is best done with a video… … and even if it’s not BEST done like that, it’s fun! A really simple productivity tip in as long as it takes me to get served in a cafe!   Who’d have thought that the simple list would be so […]