Productive meetings – part 2

Last time we looked at some of the specific tactics and things to consider to get your meetings more productive (and waste less time). This post moves on a bit and looks at the broader, almost philosophical issues involved in better meetings. Meetings aren’t events; meetings are part of a productivity process Well, they are, […]

Productive meetings – part 1

AIR is a personal productivity system at its heart. A lot of the techniques and the philosophy can be applied to groups and teams though. But no matter how well you and/or your team are rocking along and being both productive and sane, the crunch comes when you have to collaborate with other people, particularly […]

Productivity tool 101 - the basic checklist! ;)

In praise of the humble checklist

I love checklists. No, wait… I actually hate them. They’re irritating and smug and stare at me, daring me to miss something out. What I love is the security they give me. That and the rather smug feeling I get from ticking off everything on the list. I’m less keen on the sick feeling that […]

Productivity Life Lesson! Not everyone cares

All animals are equal Remember George Orwell’s Animal Farm? There’s a line often cited in it: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Let’s risk being a bit rude about the people you work with and change that a little. All colleagues are equal, but some colleagues are more equal […]

Google Keep – Productivity Friend or Foe?

I’m a fan of Evernote. In fact I’m so much a fan of Evernote that I have been known to tweet to the effect of “For those of you not using Evernote, how do you cope?”.  But for those of you who don’t know Evernote, it’s note-taking app… It’s a note-taking app in the same […]

Smart Phone Working

There’s a lot of stuff online about being more productive by using your SmartPhone (personally I use an iPhone) as a piece of office equipment, so that you can work from where-ever you are, whenever you want/need. Great, as far as it goes. But here’s the problem – what if the benefits of working like […]

Deadtime vs Downtime

Deadtime vs Downtime. They aren’t the same – they just feel like it you’re not paying attention. Let’s do some definitions first, so we’re all using words in the same way. Deadtime Deadtime is time when you’d like to work, when you’re trying to work, but something stops you being productive. Typically it might be […]

Productive traffic lights Nope, I’m not talking about the things you do in the queue while you’re waiting for it to turn green. That’s your own affair and so long as it’s legal and moral I’m not interested.  (Well I am, if it’s a bit salacious – drop me a line! 😉 ) No, I’m talking about […]

It's easy to forget that maintenance is part of productivity too

Maintenance va Active Tasking

There’s a distinction I use quite often in my planning of tasks and controlling my diary. I differentiate between tasks I identify as Maintenance tasks and tasks which are more Active. It’s not a perfect distinction but no system is perfect. It’s designed to help me figure out when to do what. First things first, […]

The AIR triangle for productivity - with sanity!

What is AIR productivity

AIR is an acronym. It’s a philosophy. And it’s a way of getting more done without selling your soul. AIR is about productivity, with sanity 😉 As an acronym, AIR stands for Act, Inform, and Restore – a three part system for being hugely productive but without that productivity eating away at your life. After […]