Deadtime vs Downtime

Deadtime vs Downtime. They aren’t the same – they just feel like it you’re not paying attention. Let’s do some definitions first, so we’re all using words in the same way. Deadtime Deadtime is time when you’d like to work, when you’re trying to work, but something stops you being productive. Typically it might be […]

Productive traffic lights Nope, I’m not talking about the things you do in the queue while you’re waiting for it to turn green. That’s your own affair and so long as it’s legal and moral I’m not interested.  (Well I am, if it’s a bit salacious – drop me a line! 😉 ) No, I’m talking about […]

The importance of holidays in productivity

I’m writing this as we come out of a holiday season. (I won’t publish it until a lot later for a whole bunch of reasons, but I’m writing it now, while the scars are still fresh in my mind.)  I can tell you from personal experience how important holidays are: my wife has just spent […]

Do you need some AIR? ;)

Not everyone’s right for AIR.  Like atmosphere-air everyone needs it, but not in the same way.  We’ve put together a bit of a light-hearted quiz for you to see if you’re the kind of person who’d benefit most from some fresh AIR in your life… Loading…

It's easy to forget that maintenance is part of productivity too

Maintenance va Active Tasking

There’s a distinction I use quite often in my planning of tasks and controlling my diary. I differentiate between tasks I identify as Maintenance tasks and tasks which are more Active. It’s not a perfect distinction but no system is perfect. It’s designed to help me figure out when to do what. First things first, […]

The AIR triangle for productivity - with sanity!

What is AIR productivity

AIR is an acronym. It’s a philosophy. And it’s a way of getting more done without selling your soul. AIR is about productivity, with sanity 😉 As an acronym, AIR stands for Act, Inform, and Restore – a three part system for being hugely productive but without that productivity eating away at your life. After […]

Being productive when you’ve lost your mojo

Some productivity stuff – and sanity stuff – is best done with a video… and even if it’s not BEST done like that, it’s fun! It happens to all of us. We’re trying to be productive, but we’ve just lost our mojo. It up and left us. Here are a few ideas in a silly […]