Natalie Hailey

Natalie Hailey is one of those people who does it all… mum, wife and entrepreneur. She’s also fun, sane and one of the nicest people I’ve met online. So, at risk of making her sound like some kind of saint, in this episode I chat to her about: setting priorities setting targets using apps using […]

Episode 014 -Reflective Practice

We all want to be better next time. The key to doing that is looking at what we’ve done so far. It doesn’t take a genius to work that out, right? Reflective Practice is the formal name for thinking about how to make it better next time – and that might include ‘faster next time’. […]

I'm not sure, but it looks like a productive place! ;)

Space for speed – a productivity hack

I used to be a research academic in universities. I did it for 24 years, in fact. For part of that time I was also the Centre Manager for what was then the UK’s largest social science research unit. Impressive, eh? 😉 One of the things that used to drive the university administrators mad was […]

Calling beta testers! ;)

Hi there… as you’ll know if you’re signed up to the AIR mailing list (I’ll put the form at the bottom of this invitation so you don’t miss out in the future) the AIR productivity course opens for a Founders’ Cohort on the 28th of June, 2018.  It’s a blast and I’m very proud of […]

Episode 013 – an accountant talks about experimenting

Jon Norton is an accountant. Don’t switch off! He’s an interesting accountant – honestly!  As you might expect from an accountant everything in Jon’s world is about proof and making sure it works. And by “everything” we include his personal productivity. We talk about his experimental approach – where you can’t lose! (And we mention […]

Productivity – When is tech the answer?

There’s a lot of fuss about ‘tech’. These days it’s all about the app. A few years ago, when I was younger, it was all about the hardware. No doubt in a few years time it will all be about something super-sexy such as wearable tech. Or embedded tech with in-eye HUD so you don’t […]

Episode 012 – Working from home and being a parent

Clare’s productivity is amazing. She’s a mum. She does other stuff. She works two days a week. She’s running her own business. Oh, and she’s a blast! What’s not to love with a combination like that? Clare and I chat about what she does to be so productive -hint, it’s a little bit about the […]

My mobile office - the key to productivity on the move!

Productivity on the moooooove

I travel a lot… a lot! Lots of it is by train, some by car when the train won’t cut it, and there’s more shifting around within my home region of the northeast of England than you’d expect, as I go to meetings, have coffee with clients and research in libraries etc. So that means […]

Productivity Station – a review of the Station app

What is it – and why might it boost your productivity? It’s a glorified task switcher. There, that’s it. Despite the hype and fuss, that’s what it does. The idea is that it allows you to switch between (online) apps much more easily and quickly, with less fuss, less interruption to your thinking process and […]