Two simple tools for getting more done – thinking like twitter

The AIRcast is back!  What?  You didn’t know we’d been away?  Shame on you! The quick and helpful productivity podcast is back and it went away for a number of reasons, some of which were my fault. I had a family bereavement a few months ago and things kept going on auto-pilot for a while […]

Don't feel too sorry for me! This is the sight as I got off the coach for my last trip! :)

Just resting is not the same as Restoring

I’m touring a lot at the moment. The last time I saw my wife was for 37 hours before I headed back to the airport. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I love the work and it’s nice to get paid! 😉  But I’m weary. I’m looking forward to the end of the […]

Episode021 – Counting backwards from ten!

In this short (seven minutes) solo episode, I talk through a really (and I do mean really!) simple technique for when you’re faced with overwhelm… how to deal with Learned Helplessness. What’s Learned Helplessness? It’s the belief that you can’t do anything, so you don’t try.  You can’t meet a deadline so you don’t even […]

Productive meetings – part 2

Last time we looked at some of the specific tactics and things to consider to get your meetings more productive (and waste less time). This post moves on a bit and looks at the broader, almost philosophical issues involved in better meetings. Meetings aren’t events; meetings are part of a productivity process Well, they are, […]

Episode_020 – not working with Chris Huskins

Chris is the chilled out podcast man! Starting a young family and running four companies should drive him round the bend. Instead he’s cool, calm and cucumber-like! So what is it that allows him to be so chilled and yet so fantastically productive at the same time? In this episode, Chris and I chat about […]

Productive meetings – part 1

AIR is a personal productivity system at its heart. A lot of the techniques and the philosophy can be applied to groups and teams though. But no matter how well you and/or your team are rocking along and being both productive and sane, the crunch comes when you have to collaborate with other people, particularly […]

Episode_019 Discipline! with Scott Beebe

Scott Beebe is head of and an absolutely awesome productivity-ist (Is that a real word?) Passionate about what he does (getting business owners out from the chaos of working in their business to being able to work on it) but as you’ll see in this interview, also massively passionate about his family life and […]

Healthier than yesterday?

There’s a lot to be said for setting targets. There’s obviously quite a lot to be said for monitoring what you’re doing. For example it’s pretty well known, and recognised, that if you want to lose weight one of the things you should do is tell people you’re going to lose weight. That means that […]

Episode018 – one down level down from The Big Idea

A short, solo episode where I share the thee Ts that make it more likely you’ll hit your big, strategic ideas. Strategy and Big Ideas are great. If you get them wrong nothing else matters, but all to often the Big Idea is there – but the execution isn’t. Things go wrong at the level […]