Restore time – how long is worth it? Episode029

AIR stands for Act Inform Restore Remember?  Restore is what you do to get your head back in the game and we all need it. There’s no point in slogging on for hour after hour, day after day, week after week, ‘cos your productivity just falls right off and you’ll make yourself sick. So breaks […]

Batching is bad! Episode 28

Batching is the way to go, right?  It’s more efficient to do things together in one go. It makes sense – we get our stuff set up… our computers turned on… our head in the game… and off we go. But what if it’s not? What if there are a few reasons for not doing […]

The obligatory New Year thing! Episode 027

In this short solo episode I explore a couple of changes to the podcast but more importantly I look at some ideas to make your New Year Resolutions more likely to be successful. There’s no certainty of course, but there’s quite a lot of science behind what makes things more likely! The latest AIRcast episode […]

Masterminding differently with Natalie Shaul – episode 26

Natalie is a life coach – not just any old life coach… a life coach who’s lived what she’s teaching. We dig straight in to the useful stuff here but Natalie’s personal story involves big business, finance and significant health challenges. Right now she’s helping women get to where she is! And because she’s self […]

Masterminding to get more done…in depth – Episode 025

After introducing the idea of MasterMinding last week, this week I chat to Ady Henderson, an uber-productive small business owner about how she uses masterminding as a productivity – tool.  Even dedicating a full half day per week, still means she gets more done than she loses in time at the meetings! We chat about […]

Solving Other People’s Problems – episode 24

It’s not rocket science! You can’t solve your own problems. If you could, you’d do so, and there wouldn’t be a problem any more. So rather than sit banging your head on the computer desk, take a moment to see if solving other people’s problems… and then asking them to solve yours… would be a […]

Procrastination bites the dust – Episode 023

You know the evil big bad productivity-killer-monster called procrastination? Here’s a procrastination killer… Well, okay, not a killer, but a damned handy productivity idea that gets us past our procrastination problems pretty easily. It’s so simple I wish I’d thought of it – but I didn’t. It comes from the genius of Prof Albert Ellis. […]

Two simple tools for getting more done – thinking like twitter

The AIRcast is back!  What?  You didn’t know we’d been away?  Shame on you! The quick and helpful productivity podcast is back and it went away for a number of reasons, some of which were my fault. I had a family bereavement a few months ago and things kept going on auto-pilot for a while […]

Don't feel too sorry for me! This is the sight as I got off the coach for my last trip! :)

Just resting is not the same as Restoring

I’m touring a lot at the moment. The last time I saw my wife was for 37 hours before I headed back to the airport. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I love the work and it’s nice to get paid! 😉  But I’m weary. I’m looking forward to the end of the […]

Episode021 – Counting backwards from ten!

In this short (seven minutes) solo episode, I talk through a really (and I do mean really!) simple technique for when you’re faced with overwhelm… how to deal with Learned Helplessness. What’s Learned Helplessness? It’s the belief that you can’t do anything, so you don’t try.  You can’t meet a deadline so you don’t even […]