Act – what the hell is it?

Act is the easiest of the three bits of AIR to get to grips with. It’s what we do to make money – or not if we’re not paid for it – but you get the idea.

If you’re paid by the dress to make dresses, this is how many dresses you make 🙂

But it’s also things like buying the material for making dresses, buying new patterns, travelling to your dress making factory – or whatever.

For me, it’s doing things like writing this post to describe AIR (there are two other pages for Inform and Restore!) but it also includes doing the research for posts and writing training workshops. Traveling to the workshops  in Act, too… so is my reflective practice after a workshop. My marketing is also (sadly) to be included in my list 🙂

In all honesty, this is the easy one to identify! In fact that’s part of the problem. As a society/culture we’re so wrapped up on our Act that we forget about the other two parts of our productivity system.

Act is the first part of a three-part system. Check out Inform and Restore.