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Simon is an expert speaker. In fact he trains professional speakers! His last book on presenting was a top ten best seller. Get Simon at a conference where you need people to be able to more...

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AIR training comes in half-day, full-day, and premium packages. If you need your team to do more, stay sane (and have fun while they learn), you should probably talk to us.

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If you'd rather learn more about AIR and getting more done from the comfort of your arm-chair, then the book 'Coming Up For AIR' is your starting point. You can get hardcopy or electronic versions - whatever is more convenient for you.

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Online training

I'm good - but even I can't be everywhere! 😉  The online training is in the works. It's so very close to ready it's frustrating. In the meantime, make sure we update you as soon as it's live - and get the launch discounts.

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