How can AIR productivity help you?

No matter how good  your productivity is you can’t do it all. No matter how good your systems are, they sometimes get abandoned. No matter how well-meaning your intentions are, you're going to get fed up eventually. You go through the motions but eventually you fall out of love with them.

That’s where AIR comes in. AIR is a new – and simple – way of thinking about what you do and what you should do next. It helps you figure out how long to spend working on something and when. It doesn’t replace your systems, it gives you the framework you need to make them work for you.

AIR is about getting more done and not losing your mind in the process.

Is AIR for you?

It is if you’ve got the kind of job that could always go on. There’s always more to do. Just another hour and you’ll have it nailed, right? Right? But there’s always something else… and something after that. People who find AIR most useful have jobs that don’t have upper limits and have some control over when you do things.

You might be running your own business – or starting one – or working in a job that’s all about being smarter and working harder…

The AIR triangle for productivity - with sanity!
The AIR triangle for productivity with sanity!

Oh – and what does AIR stand for? Act; Inform; Restore. It really is as simple as it sounds – which is why it’s easy for you make it work – for you.  Any fool can get more done by getting up before they've gone to bed the night before (and lots do!) but that's not real productivity - that's just doing things. AIR is about doing what you need to do, getting better at what you need to do, and having fun/staying sane while you do that!

Don't be fooled though. There's plenty of research and science underlying each part of the AIR system too. I spent 24 years as a research scientist after all, so you'd expect that. Each section contains its own tools, tactics and strategies as well as fitting into the AIR productivity philosophy. Check out the pages for the individual parts to get your head around how simple it all is: Act; Inform; Restore.

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